Our logo is designed to represent our values and mission.

The Gold Rope

It encompasses the entire logo symbolizes unity and strength, reflecting our commitment to creating a close-knit community of learners.

Name’s Background Color

The Name’s Background Coloradds a touch of elegance and prestige, highlighting our pursuit of excellence.

Open Book and Torch

They represent knowledge and enlightenment. This symbolizes our dedication to providing a high-quality education that empowers our pupils to become lifelong learners.

Ray of Light

The ray of light represents the idea of illumination, as we strive to enlighten our learners and help them reach their full potential. By including this element in our logo, we convey our commitment to providing a transformative educational experience that empowers our pupils to shine brightly in their future endeavors.

Light Blue Centered Color

The Light Blue Centered Color evokes feelings of trust, loyalty, and wisdom, reflecting our commitment to fostering a safe and supportive learning environment.

Laurel Wreath

It represents achievement and success. This element of the logo emphasizes our belief in the importance of hard work and perseverance in achieving one’s goals. The green color of the laurel wreath also represents growth, renewal, and vitality, reflecting our commitment to helping our students reach their full potential.

The Ribbon

It features the year our school was founded. This element serves as a reminder of our rich history and tradition of excellence in education. It also reflects our commitment to upholding the values and principles that have guided us since our inception. By including the year of establishment in our logo, we honor our past while looking towards the future with optimism and excitement.

Overall, our logo conveys a sense of excellence, learning, and accomplishment. It represents our commitment to providing a top-notch education that prepares our learners for success in all areas of their lives.