The first public school building of San Narciso, the ‘Central School’ was built with an appropriation of P5,000 in 1912. It followed the bureau’s standard plan No. 10. This is the Gabaldon building of San Narciso West Central, now San Rafael-Natividad Elementary School, the first public school of the town according to oral and written accounts.

The municipal government of San Narciso had chosen a parcel of land owned by the municipal to construct the Gabaldon building.  It had a total land area of 15, 653 square meters titled owned by the Municipality of San Narciso with Tax Declaration no.  located at Granvia Street, Barangay San Rafael, San Narciso, Zambales. It was the first public school building ever constructed and considered the first public school in San Narciso.

Construction began on April 03, 1913 under a local foreman. “The building was completed inside of four calendar months at a total cost of P18,602.88,” the Bureau of Public Works reported, “including all surcharges, by the administration, under a native foreman, the estimated cost being P21,000 and the appropriation P20,000”.  Don Teodoro R. Yangco, a well-known philanthropist of that time, donated P5,000 as part of the cost.

The Gabaldon building of San Rafael-Natividad Elementary School has a unique design. It is one story that has a U-shaped building with eight classrooms that distinctly featured elevated wood floorings with high ceilings for proper ventilation and lighting for pupils, capiz-shelled windows with wooden frames, corrugated iron roof sheeting, and classrooms connected by corridors. Each classroom has a dimension of 7meters by 9 meters. The Gabaldon building was elevated from the ground by 4 feet due to humidity and to protect it from floods.   

The school was formally inaugurated on November 28, 1913. It was a big event according to the Bureau of Public Works Bulletin: “It being school holidays from the 27th to the end of the month, all the students of Iba high school, over 200 strong, the pupils from Yangco school, San Felipe, and Olongapo, and a big crowd of citizens from all over the province and some provincial officials, all came down to San Narciso to witness the grand dedication of the school. The most notable events were the various athletic meets, in which the students showed no less school spirit in rooting and singing for their teams than in the [United] States, and the elder folks forgot their customary visits to the cockpits. It was in this Gabaldon  building  where  many of the  people in  the town had access to formal public  education. Students, teachers, and parents are gathered here for the pursuit of educational and social welfare. This  Gabaldon heritage school building symbolizes the first foundation public school system during the American period, in which each child in the town, even from the most remote areas in the community had access to formal education. It was in this  Gabaldon schoolhouse  building  where  many of the children  had access to formal  public  education .

The structure has undergone modifications/alterations due to the effect of the Mt Pinatubo eruption last 1991. The wooden floor has been replaced by concrete, the capiz windows have been replaced by glass jalousies. A few wooden doors appear to be old although they might not be the original. The decorative wooden callados that lined the top of the walls are all gone.

It is of great value that the Gabaldon Building was already restored last 2018  by Deped-DPWH. The restoration of the building was followed strictly by the engineer but some of its structural components like the floorings were replaced by wood tile and partition walls were already cemented to protect the building against termites. The Gabaldon Building, at present, is used as an academic classroom, conference hall,  Learning Resource Management and Development (LRMDS)    Property Room, and School-Based Management System. In addition to this, the building is the venue for programs, activities, and seminars, academic contests both at the district and division levels.  It has long been serving schoolchildren in the teaching-learning process, even before World War II and up to the present time, for the continuity of learning to produce God-loving, caring, and productive citizens of the country.  The school leaders and teachers have continuously worked with commitment and dedication with the parents and members of the community for the achievement of the vision and mission of the Department of Education so that the required curriculum be taught and the quality of education be addressed.  

This Gabaldon building is a cultural heritage structure that serves as a reminisce of the importance of education in uplifting and inspiring the lives of the
people of San Narciso.

At present, the school has a good design structure of five buildings with 17 classrooms, a concrete stage,  and an elevated concrete quadrangle. The school is situated in the población,   it is accessible by any form of land transportation.

As years passed, the school had undergone different names.  The school was first named San Narciso Central School, then it was changed to West Central Elementary School and finally, it was named San Rafael-Natividad Elementary School.

This are the list of the  following School Head/Principal that served in this school:

                        1972 –  1977 –  Mr. Felix  Galvez- Principal-1

                        1978 – 1986 – Dr. Martha Fernandez- Principal-2

                        1987 –  1988 – Mrs. Slyvia A. Espiritu- Principal -1

                        1989 –  1998 – Mrs. Cecilia M. Espejo- Principal-1

                        1999  – 2001-   Mr. Guillermo F. Fuertes, Jr.- Head Teacher-3

                        2002 –  2006 – Mrs. Laureta  Fallorina- Principal -1

                        2007 –  2010 –  Mrs. Gloria S. Fuertes- Principal-1

                        2011 – 2012 –  Mrs. Julita  Rosagaran – Head Teacher-3

                        2013 –  2015-  Mr. Amado C. Falsario – Principal-1

                        2016 –  2018- Marilyn R. Angeles-Head Teacher-3

                        2019-   2020 to  Boots D. Labrador- Principal-2

                        2021- to present – Rommel F. Rosete- Principal-3